Merchandising and Supply Chain Analytics

You need to have the right products at the right place at the right time.

We can help you.


Buy/ Make the right products through social intelligence



Invest in the right inventory at the right place by segmenting your demand/ supply chain and tailoring inventory policies to suit the segments



Improve responsiveness and reduce freight by optimizing your supply networks



Reduce Inventory by improving forecasts and developing the right inventory policies

Our Services

  • Process Design: We can help you design processes for improving areas such as: promotion management, price optimization, demand planning, inventory optimization.
  • Enterprise Technology Deployment: We can help you deploy enterprise software such as SAS Retail, SAS Supply Chain, Oracle Retail solutions.
  • Custom Solutions: We can help you create a targeted solution for needs in a short-time. We have extensive experience with platforms such as SAS, Tableau and .Net to deliver rapid value
  • Managed Services: We can deliver the outcome be it better forecasts, inventory policies, sourcing policies or improved prices, without you having to worry about all the complexities that go into them

Why us?

  • Strong technology and analytical expertise
  • Experience in operationalizing forecasting, pricing and sourcing analytics



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