Customer Analytics & Marketing

Shnare helps you become Customer Centric with your need to be able to

Understand your Customers

  • Integrate data from multiple sources (internal and external) to create a comprehensive view of the customer.
  • Identify customer segments and profile their needs and behaviors.

Identify Relevent Repositions

  • Create Relevent offers using Advanced Analytics and Optimization.
  • Create offers that differentiate you from the rest of the marketplace in terms of relevance to the segments.
  • Optimally match offers to customers.

Engage when they want to

  • Communicate with Customers When/Where they want through multi-channel engagement technologies.
  • Communicate Cost-Effectively by Eliminating unnecessary spending through models for marketing attribution, response, net-lift and testing .

Automate Processes

  • Deploy capabilities through enterprise grade technologies to achieve scale without significant resource additions.
  • Leverage automation in the end-to-end value chain from data acquisition to customer engagement and create a closed-loop.
  • Leverage cloud infrastructure to host and analyze large volumes of external data.

Our Services

  • Marketing Strategy and Process Design
  • Custom Analytic Solutions
  • SAS Customer Intelligence Solution Deployment
  • Managed Marketing Services

Customer Analysis & Marketing

Complexity is forcing marketers like never before to seek the help of analytics to guide the multitude of decisions that are required for success.

Delivering predictable results from marketing is increasingly difficult due to: Media Fragmentation, Explosion of Customer Choices and Ease of Access to Products and Services.

We believe that the complexity of the market can be tamed with some simple principles: understanding customers, creating relevant propositions, communicating cost-effectively and automating to achieve scale and success.

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