Agile Analytics on Amazon

Big Data Predictive Analytics Idea

You have a big data predictive analytics ideas. Each of your team even have several ideas think which will help your business.


Blend data from different resources.

Blend data from your various systems like ERP, CRM, Machine Data, Hadoop, Unstructured Data, External Data.

Analytics & Virtualization Tools

Get tools for Analysis like Tableau, SAS Visual Analytics, etc. Virtualization tools SAS and R.

Cloud Platform

On a cloud platform so you need not worry about Server infrastructure, IT, Software and concentrate on your ideas for Analytics.

Analytics for Enterprises

Analytics organizations need to rapidly bring large amounts of new data from a variety of sources and analyze using scalable and efficient infrastructures.

IT organizations are struggling to keep up with existing initiatives. In addition, traditional processes for data warehousing, budgeting and procurement do not lend themselves easily to innovation and agility.

Agile Analytics on Amazon addresses these challenges by providing a secure and scalable infrastructure and complementary services that allow you to deliver analytical innovation without breaking the bank.

Advantages for Analytics Professionals

  • Focus on analytics not on IT
  • Utilize the analysis tools you want without having to wait
  • Test analytical innovations and analyze big data without large upfront investments

Advantages for IT Organizations

  • Secure infrastructure that becomes an extension to your data center
  • Get access to application level experts and capable AWS resources under one service
  • A team that understands the needs of your analytics and business users

Agile Analytics for Amazon is an Analytics Sandbox that enables you to:

  • Scale analytical projects from concept to pilot in a matter of days
  • Tackle big data opportunities without requiring large upfront planning or long-term commitments
  • Utilize best-of-breed enterprise analytic tools in a cloud environment without any additional IT requirements



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